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I selected these items knowing they're all pieces I'd love to wear, but also to show that there's something for everyone to wear in the second-hand world. Sometimes it takes more searching, but that's the beauty of sites like Haru. As much as I love a trawl through the charity shops, Haru makes it so much easier to be more sustainable in our shopping - especially at times like Black Friday, when we're being bombarded with 'hey babe, here's 75% off every item on our site' emails. Since I stopped buying new clothes, my style is definitely more Moya, and less the latest trend - but that's not to say you can't follow trends when shopping second-hand. You absolutely can - it'll just be more pocket & planet friendly!

80's Floral Print Midi Skirt
Sold Out
Boden Cardigan
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French Connection Dress
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Richard Shops Blouse
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New Look Dress
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Libra Shirt
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Geri by Next Dress
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Skin Tones Trousers

£68.00 £80.00



Lenonella Leaf Print Longsleeve Shirt
Sold Out Sale


Issey Miyake Blouse
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Paul Costelloe Cami Top
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Valenti T-Shirt
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