Help And Reuse


By growing the number of people shopping second-hand, we can reduce fashion's impact on the environment and help charities while doing it.


The most sustainable way to shop is simply to reuse and we believe if offered a fair choice many more people will opt for second-hand. Our goal and responsibility is to make that fair choice a reality.


Stories of the people and groups that inspire us

Sustainable Fashion Instagrammers to Follow

We are always keeping an eye out for inspiring people involved in sustainable fashion. Below are just a few of those we are following...

- Peter Purcell

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Lucinda G

Lucinda G, sustainable designer and maker

- Sam Lynas

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A Short History of Dr Martens

With the slogan ‘Six Decades of Individuality’ the iconic shoe brand Dr Martens epitomises the phrase made to last 

- Jacques Hill

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Why we started Haru

The fashion industry accounts for about 10% of global carbon emissions. 

- Sam Lynas

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What is Fast Fashion?

Cheap clothing is being produced, released and sold faster than ever.

- Sam Lynas

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